Ms.Parvathy Sreeraj
Ms.Parvathy SreerajAudiologist and Speech Language Pathologist
Parvathy is the founder of Karnikaar Audiology and Speech Therapy Centre. She is a graduate in ASLP from NISH, Trivandrum, holds international experience(UAE) in audiological field, specialized in hearing , fitting, counseling, cochlear implant device mapping and deals with assessment of various speech, speech, language disorders and voice therapy.
Ms.HARSHAAudiologist & Speech Therapist
Ms.Harsha holds Bachelor’s Degree from SR Chandrasekhar Institute of Speech and Hearing, Bangloore.She is specialized in Autism interventional and communication disorders. She is having additional certification in Oral placement therapy (level1and 2).She handles all hearing assessments and hearing aid programming.
Ms.AMINA AYOOBAudiologist & Speech Therapist
Ms.Amina graduated from NISH. She specializes in hearing and balance assessment, aural rehabilitation. She is good at various therapeutically management of speech and language disorders. She attended National conference in India and presented various papers about voice disorders.