Myth: Hearing aids are ugly, uncomfortable, and will make me look old

FACT: Have you seen the latest hearing aid technology? Designs have become smaller, sleeker and weigh only a few ounces. There are a wide variety of hearing aid styles to fit your hearing loss and your lifestyle.

Myth: Hearing aids are too expensive

FACT: Hearing aids are an investment in your health. The price of a hearing aid consists of the costs of research and development, manufacturing, and professional service fees. When you divide the cost of the hearing aid by the number of hours in a day it will help you communicate over the 3-5 years you keep the device, the price will not seem so high. We began with the mission of giving consumers better access, choice and variety during their purchase decision. At HearStore, you will find name-brand hearing aids at discount prices.

Myth: I’m too old and they are a big hassle.

FACT: The age of our customers range from younger adults to Centenarians. Even if you are certain you only have a few months left on earth, why wouldn’t you want to be able to enjoy and hear everything during your last days? Hearing aids do require basic maintenance, minor cleaning and battery changes. Once you discover all the benefits that come with better hearing, you might feel they outweigh the ‘hassle’ of a few minutes of upkeep.

If any of these are the reason you’ve been avoiding seeing a hearing specialist, don’t wait any longer. Let us help you find a trusted clinician to get you on the road to better hearing.

Want to know the truth?

Hearing aids can’t restore hearing already lost. The more hearing loss you have, the less effective a hearing aid will be.

Take the first step toward better hearing.

Why are you still waiting? Hearing aids are affordable on almost any budget, nearly invisible and, most importantly, life changing. Let us connect you with a trustworthy hearing care provider for FREE in your area to provide a professional evaluation. We respect your privacy and promise to keep your information confidential. We will share it with only one of our certified network providers.

Reasons to try a hearing aid

  1. Hearing aids can help you sense the direction a sound is coming from and improve your balance.
  2. Friends and family will be happy to no longer serve as your ears, repeating themselves or relaying messages to you. Communication is incredibly important in the intimate relationships you maintain with family members. Communication is made more strenuous by hearing loss because those are the people you often depend on to be your ears. The added effort of listening and repeating can increase stress on those relationships without the intention of doing so. Hearing loss can also affect the subtle communication that is so important to maintaining a strong bond with your loved ones.
  3. Improve your social life – hearing aids will greatly reduce the stress and anxiety you feel while straining to focus on understanding what people are saying. Whether you notice it or not, hearing problems can cause you to not communicate effectively with others, and hinder relationship building. Not only can the inability to be heard keep people from seeking your company it can also cause you to decide to retreat from social gatherings. If you know participating in activities or noisy get-togethers make it difficult to mask your hearing loss you may choose to stay home, you are letting your hearing loss run your life instead of addressing it with hearing aids. In turn, this will reduce the number of misunderstandings that lead to missed appointments and disagreements over what was said.
  4. Hear fire alarms, car horns, other hazards, and people approaching.
  5. Untreated hearing loss has been linked to dementia, depression, anxiety and withdrawal from social activities.
  6. Wearing a hearing aid keeps your brain stimulated, which keeps your cognitive function from declining as you age.
  7. Today’s hearing aids are smaller, more discreet and packed with technology. They can do much more and are practically undetectable compared to hearing aids of just a few years ago.
  8. Your hearing loss will not go away or get better. In fact, it will most likely get worse. The longer you wait your chances of being helped by a hearing aid decreases.
  9. Ringing or buzzing in your ears, known as tinnitus can sometimes be soothed or masked by wearing a properly tuned hearing aid.
  10. Increase your earning potential – untreated hearing loss can make it difficult to hear on the phone and follow the discussion in meetings, leading to more mistakes and decreased productivity at work. A Better Hearing Institute study found that untreated hearing loss negatively affects household income by $12,000 per year on average. Addressing hearing loss with hearing aids restored lost income by %.
  11. At Karnikaar you will get amazing discounts on great name-brand hearing aids.